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Baw się i ciesz się przyrodą, wiosłując na kajaku, nurkuj w krystalicznie czystej wodzie i skacz z klifów z bezpiecznej wysokości

O nas

We are certified outdoor local guides.

Our main goal is to show you all the hidden bays, caves and beaches with a friendly experience.

In our lifetime we have spent many hours outdoors and on the sea. We are outdoor enthusiasts and will show you special places only locals know about. Every place has its own story so our guides will provide you with detailed information.

For us safety comes first so you can fully enjoy our kayak tour. First thing before entering kayak is a small school of paddling and kayak safety measures. For our guests who need a bit of help for swimming we have life jackets.

We know how important it is to record the moment so with every tour we will make for you HD photos & 4K videos. Join in this kayak adventure and explore Pula and its hidden locations.

Our guides are knowledgeable and friendly and we will do our best in showing you places only locals know about and are hard to reach for tourists.

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