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Hop on a kayak and explore the captivating Blue Cave, discover secret beaches, snorkel, and create magical memories along the way.

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  • star rating  We had a fantastic time on the tour. Our guide, Mario and Petra, were excellent hosts, made us feel welcome and safe, and provided lots of details about region and its history. The tour was also great for the kids as they enjoyed the swimming, snorkeling, and going into the cave!

  • star rating  Most do! - We had an amazing time exploring the blue cave, kayaking and snorkeling. Our guide Drazen was very knowledgeable, friendly and his first priority was our safety while helping us have a fabulous time!

  • star rating  Excellent Sea Kayaking Adventure - Excellent kayaking trip to an amazing sea cave. Great for beginners (mildly adventurous) and a good morning out on the sea. The trip leaders were skilful and helpful in all ways, putting the needs of the groups first.

  • star rating  Great fun - This was so much fun and the guides were so friendly. The photos they have captured are great and I would highly recommend it

  • star rating  Very complex trip - sea kayaking, cave kayaking, snorkeling even some jumping ( for these who like it). Plus real pleasure of listening Dražen ( our guide) . Really recomended 1

  • star rating  Excellent guides and an extreme journey - I booked a tour for a girlfriend’s birthday. And that was more than we supposed it to be!

    On the shore you get instructed in a good fluent English on what we do and what are the dangers . Our dangers were the seemingly small waves. That was what I thought back then. In the outcome they turned out to be pretty high and tricky. When you come to the coral rock or cliff, the wave is grabbing you and hitting in the cliff. That’s where you crash and it happened to us.
    But let us turn to the positive part.

    You get a waterproof bag, put there all your necessary possessions and get instructed. After that your kayak is put on water and you try to cooperate with your partner to manage the kayak. That’s a good point for couples, since you really need to be coordinated in order not to turn over and not to break or hurry too much, plus you move in the group of 6 kayaks and better not to bump in them (what we did a lot)

    Our guides were Mario and Antonia. They were supporting and caring when the waves got aggressive and when we had bad landing on rocks. THANK YOU GUYS

    When we arrived to the cave the waves were too big to let our group inside due to safety reasons and the plan of adventure was timely changed.
    Here I should notice the adaptiveness of guides and a real-time reaction. (We would really drawn in that cave if we moved inside in a kayak, so they took the decision that we are going to swim in the cave without a kayak).

    And still comming by the rocks near the cave we turned over because of the waves and bad coordination and had to swim.

    Thanks to the life jackets it was easier on the water. It seems to me after that adventure that that was crucial for the safety (The other groups that I saw on the way in the other excursions were without the life jackets).

    After moving into the cave we were told the history of the place and later we tried to get out of the cave. The waves were so hard that they blinded my girl (hello salty water) and I had to swim holding her.
    After some bloody scratches we got to the rock at which we had left the kayaks and started getting ready to the way back to the shore.
    The water was not in mood and the first try of putting kayak on it resulted in some bruises and turning over. The second time that was it.

    The way back I was happy that we were safe. All the way the guides helped and consulted , supported and did their best for us to stay safe and for the journey to take place at its best.

    That is why I express my gratitude by leaving this comment!!!! Guys u are fire!
    P.S. Everybody who thinks that they have the feet strong enough to stand on a coral I recommend to review their point of view. If I had bought the special shoes before the tour, I would not have for some deep scratches and cuts. Be safe guys and try this all out!

    Yevhenii C
  • star rating  This was a really good activity and Dražen, our tour leader, made it even better. Dražen was very friendly, helpful and welcoming, extremely knowledgeable and helped everyone get ready for the trip and put everyone at ease. The paddle to the cave was made easier by the perfect weather and sea conditions, with Dražen making sure the group stayed together, despite some zigzagging by some of us. Going into the cave was an excellent experience, with Dražen providing additional information about the cave and environment.
    Then going to the secluded beach for some swimming, snorkelling and generally enjoying the beach was great. Dražen demonstrated his knowledge of the area, passion for the environment and was keen to share his knowledge. Use of the GoPro by the group will hopefully produce some great film and pictures.
    We would thoroughly and completely recommend this trip to anyone and everyone. Dražen is an excellent trip leader and makes the experience even better.

  • star rating  Great for family - Kayaking in a cave sounds scary but really is not. Guide was friendly, helpful and knowledgable! Free easy parking nearby.. Not to physically demanding, even for kids! Highlight of our Pula visit.

    Jarl Einar O
  • star rating  Amazing time - We had such a good time on the trip, kayaking around the cove, snorkelling, exploring a cave and we even saw dolphins! The tour guide Mario was so nice and shared his knowledge about Pula and sustainably which was so interesting.


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